Telemedicine allows you to tap into our veterinary resources and expertise even though you are not living nearby. Once you submit certain information and samples to Dr. Ava Frick she will assess the information, test the samples and review her results and findings on the phone with you to provide a recommendation for your dog, cat or horse.

Young man with dog sitting on sofa


  1. Locate the etiology (or reason why) something is happening within your animal
  2. Improve your animals quality of life by giving you new options
  3. Identify mineral patterns that are causing problems and toxic metals, or other incriminating issues that reduce the viability of your animal to survive
  4. Create a diet just for your pet
  5. Help with behavior issues
  6. Give guidance on combining herbs, nutrition, or homeopathy along with what you are currently doing for your animal
  7. Help you better address pain and offer therapeutic modalities to help eliminate the pain
  8. Identify the current status and function of the Autonomic Nervous System and what you can do to help it function better
  9. Work with behavior related problems giving you insight as to what is going on inside the body that is causing the problem
  10. Get the body out of disease or an injured condition with the use of micro-current therapy and nutrition