Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) was developed by a biophysicist and physician. It has been used extensively in Europe for over 20 years for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries.
There is an electrical field around each joint that plays an important part in the continual regeneration of cartilage and connective tissue. If osteoarthritis or inflammatory joint disorders are present, there is a disturbance in this electrical field.


The PST device creates a low power electromagnetic field through which pulsed electrical signals are delivered to an affected joint or other painful area of the body. These low powered electrical signals mimic signals found to be generated naturally by healthy cells exposed to routine stresses of normal physical activity. PST encourages reconstruction of the disturbed electrical field, which returns the natural regeneration capabilities and reactivates the cartilage and connective tissue to increase production of proteoglycans and collagen (the building blocks of cartilage) to aid in repair.
Technically, this will stimulate pressure on the joints, which will pull hydrogen atoms out of the cartilage surface, stimulating cartilage regeneration and cartilage cell reproduction. This phenomenon is known as streaming. Researchers suspect that these signals direct the body to nourish and replace damaged tissue. Human clinical trials show a significant improvement of pain and “performing” activities of daily living in greater than 85% of treated patients. Studies in dogs are ongoing.
Unlike other treatments that are designed to combat symptoms, Pulse Signal Therapy is directed at the cause of these health issues, which is the damage to cartilage and other tissues.
PST is a form of regenerative medicine that allows the body to use its natural regenerative abilities, making it a non-invasive and pain-free therapy. Many people and pets around the world have benefited from PST because of its affordability and effectiveness. The treatment consists of 9 half hour sessions administered once daily within 14 days. The first 3 are consecutive then you may skip a day.

Benefits of PST for arthritic conditions:

  • Reactivates cartilage and connective tissue to produce collagen
  • Stimulates regeneration and repair of disturbed tissue
  • Reduces pain
  • Improved ability to get up and down and move
  • Non-invasive and continues to improve joint environment for 3 to 4 months after the initial treatment series