Help to eliminate pain, anxiety, aggression and stress related disorders in animals using Alpha-Stim® microcurrent therapy.

Alpha-Stim® is the most popular medical device used at home in the treatment and elimination of pain, anxiety, and stress related disorders in animals. This technology that we use for pain relief is called Alpha-Stim Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES). It is recommended by Dr. Ava Frick, the world’s leading authority in veterinary microcurrent therapy.


Alpha-Stim technology is FDA cleared and is backed by years of research with more publications than any other medical device in its class. These prescription medical devices have been widely researched on animals and used to help people suffering from pain, anxiety, insomnia, wounds, spinal and nerve conditions, and depression since 1981. It does this by using a proprietary waveform that works with the body to help it regain a healthy circulatory current, stimulate endorphin release, and rebalance firing patterns.

Your pet’s body is made up of trillions of cells. Each of these cells has its own unique electrical properties. When you apply the ear clips, this device relieves the stress and pain by using a gentle, unique and totally safe wave-form that helps your pet’s cells operate naturally, bringing about the changes we see in treated animals all over the world.

Microcurrent Electrical Therapy is a low level current applied via probes touching the skin or self-adhesive electrodes, the effect of which are long lasting and cumulative. This type of current does not bombard the nervous system with one frequency and set waveform but has a 10 second varied waveform and adjustable low intensity so that it can be run subsensory and allows the body to select within the spectrum a harmonic resonance. MET is adaptable for treating specific pain sites and because the impulse does not need to be felt to achieve effect, it is ideal for the treatment of pain or anxiety in animals. Research and clinical trials has proven the benefits of this waveform in healing and treating nerves, wounds, infection, scar and soft tissue injuries.

It is safe and easy to use by anyone. A typical 20 minute daily treatment gives long lasting results. Alpha-Stim is an adjunct to any other medical treatment or medication. It does not have any of the dangerous side effects that accompany drugs. Don’t let the side effects of drugs shorten your pet’s life. Pick a safe and long lasting treatment instead.


  • Anxiety associated with fear of storms, stress, separation, chronic pain or obsessive compulsive disorders.
  • Insomnia related to adrenal malfunction, cancer pain, and cognitive dysfunction.
  • Depression from loss or separation.
  • To improve the immune system by balancing the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Pain – Central and peripheral pain of all sources.
  • Arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis.
  • Wounds, post-surgery rehabilitation, stimulate ATP production.
  • Injury, Back or neck stresses.
  • Scar tissue, lick granulomas.
  • Sprains or strains to muscles.