Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work: Journey of a Down Dog by Travis C Yates

August 17, 2018

travis-c-yates-1-e-bookAlpha-Stim was key to her recovery and as the story rolls out this fact is brought to light. As easy read, inspiring, at times tearful, but in the end… Oh, I won’t spoil your surprise. Maybe a great gift for reps doing animals now. Enjoy!
– Dr. Ava Frick.

Book Overview

The perfect world Travis and his wife Renea spent ten-plus years creating is turned upside down when they find their seven-year old Golden Retriever, Keegan, left paralyzed from a stroke. Nobody Told Me My Legs Don’t Work follows the couple’s remarkable journey as they enter a frightening new world of uncertainty that comes with a “down dog” while attempting to defy their doctor’s prognosis and get Keegan back on her feet again.

Along the way they meet an interesting cast of characters that keeps them forging ahead as the experience tests their marriage and threatens to break them emotionally and financially. It is a delicate tightrope act of patience, humor and dedication that changes them forever. Share in their heartache and joy as Keegan strives to take her first steps and discover how the greatest triumphs can often be sparked by our darkest moments. Read more

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