Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8am-5pm. Saturday hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
*Call to check if Friday or late Wednesday hours are available for supply pick up.

There are few things more emotionally painful than watching your animal suffer. At our Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic, Dr Ava Frick and her team provide a unique holistic healthcare service that focuses on enriching the lives of animals (and because of it their human friends) by combining Functional Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and Energy Medicine. The Pet Rehab Team specializes in promoting animal recovery from injuries, disease, and altered nutritional patterns.

“When we are looking at rehab and wellness, there are four columns for a base to be considered—motion, nutrition, recovery, and behavior,” says Dr. Frick, Chief of Staff at Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic. “We are very much a preventative practice. The younger an animal starts visiting us, the earlier we can make adjustments to his lifestyle and diet that can prevent negative things from happening in the future.”

Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic has many specialized treatment options for animals: an underwater treadmill, ultrasound and laser therapy, Alpha-Stim microcurrent therapy, exercise programs, and diagnostics specifically designed to create customized nutrition.

Your Pet’s Best Road to Recovery and Performance